Good Morning

Catching up with a quickie on a few new things

[bubble], stars, shirt, fashion, second life, SL[bubble] has a cute new stars shirt out for the Candy Shop Event

bubbley1v2and .pekka. has a cute new group gift available


Butterfly – +half-deer+  (Arcade event)

Septum Ring – .pekka. (group gift)

Hair – Soonsiki

eyes – REPULSE

Makeup – DAMNED (eyes)

Makeup – Pink Acid (lips)

Necklace – FlipMode (Suicide Dollz event)

Top – [bubble] (Candy Shop event)




Late with a Side of Swag

I had a pretty nice weekend…. it took me through 3 states and involved lots of driving but it was more or less worth it. I hope yours was too! I have so much catching up to do now though! I made it to swag deux finally and picked up a few things.lots of great stuff there, I can’t wait to see what everyone else blogs.


Hair – Little Bones ( Swag Fest 2)


Make up – DAMNED (eyes)

Make up – Pink Acid (lip gloss)

Top – krautuve (Swag Fest 2)

Jeans – ::villenna::


Woe is Me

ok so I generally love the Woeful Wednesday sale because not only do I usually always find things I like but also many of the designers are people I know personally and enjoy seeing their work. I’ll admit that I’ve been lacking on the sale lately though so I thought I’d give it a go this round.. sadly, I only really found one thing I wanted but it alone was still worth it!

WWG(yes I still feel weird in my Lolas but this top deserves them so there you have it lol)


Hair – Spellbound

Make Up (eyes) – DAMNED

Make Up (lips) – Pink Acid


Ears – Mandala

Top – Goth1co


I have a couple of new items and a couple of sale items to show you guys today. One of the new items is a love of mine ( I love Ouija Boards I even have one tattooed on me lol)

muted zombieHair Bow – Zombie Suicide (New Release)

Hair – Lamb

Makeup (eyes) – DAMNED

Makeup (lips) – Pink Acid


Rings – Zombie Suicide (New Release)

Shirt – Mute (sale)

Pants –Mute (sale)


Fiercely Envious

Envious has a new release out that is absolutely fierce. Back in my role playing days I could see myself using this one for so many kick @ss characters! If you’re not into role playing though, this outfit is just fun and belongs in your closet. (How awesome would it be if someone actually created a SL closet where you could look at all of your clothes rather than names in a neatly set up disastrously cluttered inventory.)

envious newAs usual with Envious you don’t just get a simple outfit but an entirely well put together ensemble. There are both mesh and applier parts (Wowmeh YaY!) in this one and it comes with the awesome chest piece, boots with legwarmers, shoulder armor, and a cute little headband.

emvious new 2Worn:

Hair – Spellbound

Outfit – Envious

Makeup – DAMNED


Suicide’s a Drag Doll

suicide dollzI’ll admit I’m not much of a shoe girl… in fact you’re lucky to catch them on me ( aside from these fun :EC: boots I’ve been wearing everywhere) That in addition to the fact that system clothes are just out of the question for me really paired up to make the Suicide Dollz event this go round not really a good one for me… but if you like shoes, woah buddy ❤

suicide dollz 2

I did manage to pick up a few cute accessories though ( and I am so going back for the mouth version of the Little Bat glasses. I always love her stuff… so cute!


Hair – Little Bones


Make Up – DAMNED

Dress – [AUX]

Tattoo – Letis

Necklace – Flipmode

Glasses – The Little Bat [TLB]

Cute Poison Groupie Love

cute poison, group gift, piercing, free, second life, SL, fashionCute Poison has a new gift available for members of their update group. The facial piercing is super cute and customizable with multiple gemstone colors.. mood piercings? lol. The group is free to join and so worth that group space with all of the great perks frequently coming from this store.

cute poison, necklace, gatcha, zombie, second life, SLAlso shown is one of the many ( i want to say like 5-6) gatchas available at the store near the group gift. I had shown off the Frankenstein necklace previously here and wanted to show off another gatcha prize, the orange zombie necklace. ( I’ll warn you though if you’re a horror lover like I am these things get addictive quick lol )


Hair – Spellbound

Eyes – Noir Optix ( MP only)

Makeup – DAMNED

Ears – Mandala

Tattoo – Letis

Necklace – Cute Poison

Piercing – Cute Poision

Dress – :::villena:::



Feeling a Little Boney

Little Bones has not one but well, three (that I know of) pretty awesome special event hairs floating around out there. I blogged the pirate wench hair from the fantasy gatcha yesterday, but today I want to show you guys the S21 and group gift hairs because they are both so cute!

little bones, group, gift, free, hair, eventShown above is the group gift hair available at the Little Bones mainstore

little bones, S21, hair, event, second life, SL Shown above is (one of) the special hairs from the N twenty 1 event


Also Worn:


Makeup – DAMNED

Necklace – [bubble] (Candy Shoppe)

Shirt – SU!

Tattoo – Letis